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About us

Hello everyone and thank you very much for your interest in our shop.

Since many people ask us about the history of creation, we decided not to delay and tell!


Our Postal Snail has been doing postcrossing for no less than 8 years! In those distant times, when the question arose of where you could buy interesting postcards with photographs, city views or illustrations, the choice was so small that I wanted to cry. And often beautiful postcards were sold in rare bookstores and at a high price.


The first experiment in creating postcards was a small festival, where the focus was on city views and themed postcards.


Then Pochtovaya Snail spent a long time accumulating strength, ideas, courage and the feeling that someone needed all this, and in the fall it was decided to open its own shop. The Postal Snail herself loves to buy postcards in all the shops that are available to her! After all, the choice and assortment in each store is very different, unique and incredibly interesting.

About the name

Snailmail - what kind of beast is this and what is it eaten with, what is this expression and why the choice fell on him?


The name of our shop comes from the English expression snailmail.


Snail mail literally translates to "snail mail" due to the fact that it travels slower than email.

The expression itself first appeared in a 1942 headline in a news story about slow mail delivery.


A similar expression was used in the 1840s, at that time the expression was about the telegraph.


Now this expression is used when talking about penpals or exchanging something by regular mail.


Sometimes smail is used as a result of a snail + Mail connection.


There is a game called #snailmail and even a music group.