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Receiving an order

When receiving an order by Russian mail, you will need to personally present your passport.


We offer delivery of orders in Russia and to all countries of the world available for postal communication with Russia.


The order is sent to you within 2-3 business days after payment.

Track your order

All registered mail shipments receive a postal identifier (tracking number), which we provide after sending the order. With its help, you can monitor the progress of delivery.


Across Russia

The order is sent from Moscow by registered mail or registered post after prepayment.


Cost: 120 rubles.

With an order amount of 1200 rubles - is free.

Worldwide delivery, Paypal


Worldwide delivery calculated individually and depend on number of cards. 

12 cards - 310 rub (~4 $)

18-36 cards - 440 rub (~6 $)

37-78 cards - 660 rub (~9 $)

79-150 cards - 1140 rub (~15 $)

151-320 cards - 1800 rub (~24 $)

321-470 cards - 2595 rub (~35 $)

471-630 cards - 3390 rub (~46 $)

631-800 cards - 4185 rub (~57 $)


The above payment options are processed manually by us. When paying for an order, you must inform us about it by e-mail (snailmailpostcard@gmail.com) or through the feedback form, be sure to indicate the number of the paid order.






Registered mail within Russia 120 rubles - (orders from 1200 rubles FREE OF CHARGE).


Worldwide shipping - depend on number of cards